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Concentrating Solar Technology

Non Imaging Concentrator ‘Accura’

Compound Parabolic Concentrators (CPC) Accura

A composite structure formed by use of parts of two parabolas arranged in such a way that both the parts share a common focus . This design insures all sun rays falling perpendicular to the aperture of CPC after one or multiple reflections from the reflecting surface of CPC finally converge at the focal area where an absorber tube holding heating media is place. The concentrated sun rays at the absorber are thus heatrays with double or more the amount of heat energy per meter square of the absorber. This results in faster heating with lesser heat loss as compared to standard collectors like flat plate or ETC tube collectors. Unlike Parabolic trough or dish these concentrators do not need daily tracking. This reduces any chance of regular maintenance.
Ray Diagram of Compound Parabolic Concentrator (CPC)

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Applications and usage of Compound parabolic concentrator (CPC)

Flat plate or ETC based standard solar collectors can deliver a temperature around 65OC at optimum efficiency. But most of the Industrial application fall in the temperature range of 60 OC  to 90 OC . Though one can achieve higher temperatures like 80OC by using Flat plate or ETC based standard solar collectors  but in the course of repeated circulations the amount of heat loss brings down the resultant efficiency of collectors making it un viable economically.

Whereas compound parabolic collectors ( CPC) deliver the temperature of 80 OC -85 OC at a optimum efficiency and even 90 OC at a little lower still economically viable efficiency.

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Installation Area: Every unit of 2.5 M2 of CPC system requires area of 3.5M2  for installation.

Weight of the CPC Unit: Weight of CPC unit is 40Kg per M2.


MOCAluminum 6063
Thickness of  structure2.8 -3 mm
Length2000 mm
Width148 mm
Surface treatmentAnodizing
Thickness of layer15 micron
Weight of each CPC3.4 to 3.6 kg

Absorber Tubes

Size58 x 2100mm
Selective coatingCU-Ss- Aln Three target
InsulationDouble layered Vacuumed tube
MOCBorosilicate glass


Inner tank MOCSS304
Welding methodResistance welding and Tig welding
Outer tank MOCColour Steel
InsulationRockwool + PUF (50-55 mm)

Solar Concentrator Technology For Industrial Heating & Cooling Applications

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