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FAQ Industrial Heating

Yes there are many applications in industries where required heat or part of required heat could be provided through HEATRAY solar heating system.

HEATRAY solar heating systems are customised as per the individual requirements and for different temperature ranges we can offer different technology solutions as follows

  1. For temperature upto 55OC: FPC system
  2. For temperature up to 65OC: ETC based manifold system
  3. For temperature up to 90OC: Compound parabolic concentrator
  4. For temperature up to 200OC: Parabolic trough collector

Compound parabolic concentrator is made of partial parts of two different parabolas. These parts are arranged in such a way that they have a common focus area where all the incoming rays are converged resulting in concentration of 2 to 2.5 times. The absorber tube is placed at this focus. This concentrated sunlight is useful for faster heating which reduces heat loss and thus we can attain higher temperatures with the help of concentrators. Same principal is true with parabolic trough concentrators.

A long trough like structure in a shape of parabola is parabolic trough collector. All rays falling perpendicular to the axis of parabolic curve are reflected back on the focal line resulting in concentrated sun light at this line. The collector tube is placed at the focal line which absorbs heat available from the concentrated sunlight to heat the heating media inside.

Expected concentration in parabolic trough collectors is usually 3 to 4 times.

No, Solar system will be in a position of assisting system with the existing system and it could be isolated with just a turn of the valve.

During rains output of solar system will be decreased which needs to be supplemented by existing conventional system.

Yes the life of the solar system is around 15 years where as the payback ranges between 2 to three years for different fuels.

Yes Heatray solar Pvt.Ltd is always there with you to take care of your system. Heatray solar Pvt.Ltd will have a service engineer to attend to your complaints and regular maintenance. First 5 years we will maintain the system free of cost.

No subsidy and 40% accelerated depreciation on total Project cost.

Yes we are glad to show you a demo as per your requirement.

Solar Concentrator Technology For Industrial Heating & Cooling Applications

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