Why Heatray Solar?

Heatray Solar Pvt. Ltd.

  • 108, Prabhadevi Unique Industrial Premises Co-Op. Society Limited, Veer Savarkar Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai – 400025, India.
  • 022-24368631/ +91 9987187891/ +91 9867307495 / +91 7498488515

Factory 1 Address

  • Plot No.G-7, Additional Ambernath MIDC, Ambernath – East, Dist – Thane, Pincode – 421506, Maharashtra, India.

Factory 2 Address

  • Heatray Solar Pvt. Ltd. A16, Kulgaon MIDC, Badlapur (E) Dist. Thane, Maharashtra, India
  • CAPEX payback within 2-3 years
  • Performance guarantee (AMC includes performance guarantee)
  • Indigenous Products comparable to international quality
  • Low OPEX projects with 15 years of life, thus with onetime payment you reap the benefits for 15 years
  • Technical support by our expert team through the life of the system
  • Diverse options for financing your project that suit your requirements
Environmental Benefits

Benefits of 100m2 solar CPC installation
Average heat energy harnessed: 225000Kcal (950 mega joules)

Fuel (Assumed calorific value)Quantity of fuel savedCO2 mitigationYearly CO2 mitigation (300 sunny days)Equivalent full grown trees
HSD ( 33.4 MJ/kg)28.38 kg73.7 kg/day22110 kg/year1005
LDO/FO(33.4 MJ/kg)28.38 kg73.7 kg/day22110 kg/year1005
Wood (8.3MJ/kg)115 kg218.5 kg/day65550kg/year2980
Briquettes(10 MJ/kg)95kg218.5 kg/day65550kg/year2980
Electricity (3.6MJ/kWh)263.8 kWh(Units)264 kg/day79140kg/year3600
Coal (18.8 MJ/kg)50 kg190 Kg/day57000 kg/year2590

Solar Concentrator Technology For Industrial Heating & Cooling Applications

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