Parabolic Trough Concentrator

Parabolic Trough Concentrator

We offer complete turnkey projects or only our solar collector kits for self installation. Know more about our products to select the number of units required for your energy needs by connecting with us.


  • Fluid upto 200°C can be obtained using PTC.
  • The sunrays falling on the parabola (reflector) are reflected onto the receiver tube.
  • The fluid flowing through the receiver tube gets heated due to the solar heat.
  • This is a tracking collector. As the sun travels across the horizon, the parabola rotates, such that it always faces the sun.
  • This ensures maximum energy capture.
  • The theoretical concentration ratio is 1:20.
  • PTC is used to generate low-pressure steam or to heat thermic fluid upto 200°C.

Solar Concentrator Technology For Industrial Heating & Cooling Applications

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