Carbon Mitigation

Carbon Mitigation

Carbon Mitigation

Fossil fuel: oil, gas and coal (89%) are the major driver of anthropogenic global warming with annual emissions of 35.6 GtCO2 in 2019.
In order to mitigate carbon dioxide, we either have to use renewable energy like solar energy (Solar Thermal Concentrator) or electricity (Heat Pump) which emits relatively lower carbon dioxide for production.

A grown up tree reabsorbs only 22Kg of CO2 in a year.

That Means Reducing your conventional Fuels (Petro fuels 10Kg, Coal : 7kg & wood: 11 Kg) is like Planting a full grown tree.

Following table show saving of 100 Kg of fuel tantamount to

FuelCarbon Emission MitigationNo of trees grownCarbon Emission MitigationNo of trees grown
SolarHeat Pump
HSD (Diesel)254 Kg1284.67 Kg4
LDO (Gasoline)268.32 Kg1289.44 Kg4
Furnace Oil250.56 Kg1183.52 Kg4
Natural Gas (Methane)221.76 Kg1073.92 Kg3
LPG241.12 Kg1180.37 Kg4
Bio-diesel226 Kg1075.33 Kg3
Biomass/Briquettes/wood147.6 Kg749.20 Kg2
Coke/ Coal224.64 Kg1074.88 Kg3
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