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We have been exploiting our mother earth for a long time.  Indiscriminate industrialization leading to extensive use of fossil fuels for meeting our energy needs is one aspect. The burning of fossil fuels has led to the generation of CO2 and greenhouse gases. It has resulted in global warming. If continued unabatedly, it will result in the extermination of entire mankind, flora and fauna in the coming centuries. The only way of preventing it is using renewable energy (Fuel from the Fireball) for meeting our energy needs.

The Renewable Energy projects fall under many categories. Solar Thermal is one of the most lucrative options. Solar concentrators convert 50% of the available solar energy to usable form of heat.

This heat could be transferred to many types of Heat Transfer media, like water/furnace oil/thermic oil/ air depending upon the application. Solar concentrators with high aperture to absorber ratios can even produce low pressure steam.

Heatray Solar Pvt Ltd offers solar thermal solutions for industrial and domestic heating requirements.

Do you have a heating requirement between 80 to 200°C?

If yes, we guarantee

  • Reduction in Fuel Consumption
  • Topline and Bottomline Profits

We offer complete turnkey solutions or it is possible to simply buy our DIY collector kits which are easy to install and make solar heating accessible at an affordable price!

Let us pledge to build a safer and cleaner Earth together!

Solar Panels Manufacturer

Financial Advantages

Solar Panels Manufacturer

Capital Payback
< 3 Years

Solar Panels Manufacturer

Money Earned
5 Times The Investment At The End Of 15 Years

Solar Panels Manufacturer

Insulation From Price Fluctuations Of Fossil Fuel.

Our Products

Evacuated Tube Collector manufacturer in India
Evacuated Tube Collector
Flat Plate
Compound Parabolic Concentrator manufacturer in india
Compound Parabolic Concentrator
Parabolic Trough Concentrator manufacturer in India
Parabolic Trough Concentrator

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