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BOOT Model

BOOT Model

Upgrade Your Water Heating System with a Heat Pump on
BOOT Model

Are you currently using LPG, natural gas, electricity, or fossil fuels for water heating?
It’s time to consider a more efficient and sustainable solution. By replacing your traditional hot water generator with a state-of-the-art heat pump system, you can revolutionize your energy usage.
Heat Pump Diesel Petrol PNG LPG Electricity
50°C Rs. 63 Rs.208 Rs.183 Rs.163 Rs.230 Rs.233
60°C Rs.102 Rs.291 Rs.257 Rs.229 Rs.322 Rs.326
80°C Rs.237 Rs.457 Rs.403 Rs.359 Rs.506 Rs.512
90°C Rs.308 Rs.540 Rs.476 Rs.425 Rs.599 Rs.605
115°C Rs.465 Rs.748 Rs.660 Rs.588 Rs.829 Rs.837

Assumption -

Ambient 25°C Petrol CV 12960 Temperature COP
Water 1000 L Petrol Cost 95 Rs./ L 50°C 3.7
Electricity Cost 8 Rs. PNG CV 7650 60°C 3.2
Diesel CV 10584 PNG Cost 50 Rs. 80°C 2.16
Diesel Cost 88 RS./ L LPG CV 9720 90°C 1.96
  LPG Cost 89.5 Rs. 115°C 1.8

Lets Calculate cost for Diesel at 50°C,

Delta t = 50-25 = 25 (Target Temperature – Ambient Temperature)
Energy = 25 × 1000 = 25,000 (Delta t × Quantity of Water)
Litres of Diesel Required = 25000 ÷ 10584= 2.36 Litres (Energy ÷ CV of Diesel)
Total Cost = 2.36 × 88 = Rs. 208 (Diesel Required × Cost of diesel)

What is a Heat Pump? and how does it work?

Heat pump absorbs heat from ambient air, cooling tower water, or chiller system water in the heat exchanger of the evaporator. This heat is absorbed by the refrigerant, causing it to boil and change into a gaseous state. Concurrently, it cools the ambient air, by 5°C to 6°C cooling tower water from 32°C to 26°C, or chilled water from 12°C to 6°C.
The refrigerant in vapour form is then compressed in the compressor, using electricity. This pressure adds further heat to the refrigerant. After compression, the refrigerant enters the condenser offloading the heat to the water in the heat exchanger. Hence the ambient temperature water gets heated to 50°C to 115°C.
The refrigerant cools down as it enters the evaporator via an expansion valve, and the cycle repeats itself.

2 Parts heat from Air/ Water + 1 Part Electricity = 3 Parts of Heat to usage water
1 Unit of Electricity = 3 Units of Heat

Replacing Fossil Fuels with
Heat Pumps

Heat pumps replace fossil fuel-based heating by efficiently transferring heat from air or water using a compressor. They reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and operating costs while being powered by renewable electricity sources. With capabilities for both heating and cooling, they offer long-term savings and qualify for government incentives, supporting environmental goals and enhancing global energy security.
Quiet and Reliable Operation
Quiet and Reliable Operation
Lower operating costs
Lower operating costs
Improved safety
Improved safety
Eco friendly
Eco friendly
More even temperature
More even temperature
No flame, no pollution
No flame, no pollution

Introducing the BOOT Model

Under our innovative Built, Own, Operate, Transfer (BOOT) model, you can acquire a heat pump system with zero initial investment:
Bank guarantee during the operation period through payment security.


Our experienced team installs and commissions a tailored heat pump system.


Enjoy ownership and dedication benefits of 40% from day one.


We manage all operational aspects, including maintenance and repairs.


Ownership transferred to you after payment of invoice value.

Why Choose Us?

At Heatray, we specialize in delivering sustainable energy solutions that exceed expectations. Our commitment to quality, reliability is reflected in offering system on boot model.

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Ready to upgrade to a heat pump system under the BOOT model? Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Discover how we can transform your water heating experience with zero upfront costs and rapid ROI. Join the movement towards cleaner, more efficient energy solutions and build a sustainable tomorrow with Heatray.
Transform your energy future with Heatray. Let’s build a sustainable tomorrow, today.

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